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Mantra 100% Mohair PONCHO 
( Mantra is a repeated sound, syllable or word that helps create positive transformation)


This hand made 100% Mohair (non scratchy) yoga accessory has been designed to keep you SUPER warm over your regular yoga wear and especially to compliment the Winter 2011 Shakti Shanti range. In purchasing this garment, you will not only be surrounded by warm, good, positive energy, you would also be supporting a powerful upliftment program in St Francis Bay, where wonder woman, Frances Becker of has created job opportunites for many unemployed men and women in our area, taught them the art of knitting and then allowed them to transform their lives, flourish and grow, they now export worldwide.

Yoga Styles:Meditation and Relaxation
order code: AC041


Price: R 599,00
Colour / Size

AC041SILVER - 100% Mohair PONCHO

AC041 - Mantra - 100% Mohair PONCHO
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